Reducing the leftovers.

We don’t like waste.

Everything is a process and with time things get messy. We forget to take care of processes and unnecessary leftovers are created which just makes life a lot harder. This is where xcellence fits the picture and can support your business with making life a lot easier for all of you.

With the aid of LEAN-tools we analyze your processes by diagnostics or health-checks to understand where there might be different kinds of waste or variation. These are vicious to any kind of businesses by making it less efficient, slower in responding and putting stupid stress onto the organization.

Not to mention the quality aspect as this is as important as reducing the waste and variation in your processes. Quality, together with safety, are our two key-levers when it comes to analyzing processes and creating new, better and improved work flows for your organization.

By combining the above and involving your employees in the process-mapping, xcellence can guarantee an early buy-in which often is a forgotten element when it comes to new implementations.

xcellence strives for fast, reliable and agile processes without making it too complex. Less is more so why make it complicated?

How we can support you.

Single Diagnostics or Health-Checks to review complete processes and work flows on site.

Targeted projects to reduce costs and improve service lead-times by using LEAN and Project Management-tools.

Implementation of blueprints and full roll-out of Operational Excellence on an interim basis, tailored for you.

Development of high level business strategies and key-KPI:s in alignment with your own corporate values.

  Feel free to download our Process Brochure.