Excellence is all of us.

We empower people.

Your employees are your most valuable asset and drive all of your improvements. To have people onboard is a must when it comes to instill a continuous improvement culture and mindset.

xcellence is your partner to deliver tailor made trainings and people excellence tools. Our catalogue offers highly interactive LEAN Six Sigma training modules for White, Yellow and/or Green Belts. Modules which will enable your employees not only to understand the basic elements of LEAN, but also how to run and execute continuous improvement-projects to boost your business performance.

We also offer sophisticated but user-friendly tools to measure and evaluate the performance of your people. Looking at the specific needs for your business and targets of your individuals, our tools will help both your business and employees to minimize the gaps in terms of soft and hard skills. By linking them to your corporate values we close the loop and make sure you’re aligned.

People are at the very essence of what we do and at xcellence this is reflected in the leadership-training we provide. By giving continuous feedback and coaching sessions on how to moderate and manage both people or conflicts, performance management will be more present than ever before.

What we can do for you.

Certified LEAN Six Sigma Trainings for White, Yellow and Green Belts. Support with selecting projects and follow-up.

Leadership Trainings on how to manage people and moderate. Complement to drive performance management.

User-friendly and visual tools to follow up on performance such as Skill Matrix and capability gaps.

Communication forums and workshops for capturing ideas from a bottom-up perspective in your daily work.

  Feel free to download our People Brochure.